STX Sc-Ti 2020 Defense Lacrosse Shafts

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STX Sc-Ti 2020 Lacrosse Shafts offer light-weight durable performance with tailored X, R and S handle shapes fitting any player’s preference on the field. STX engineered the Sc-Ti 2020 shaft using an industry leading and best-selling Scandium Titanium material blend to create the ultimate strength to weight ratio. With 3 performance handle shapes - The X, R & S profiles offer separate grips and an individually unique feel while playing. With each unique handle shape the STX Sc-Ti Lacrosse Shaft also comes with a 2 MIL Steel Shot Grip that delivers unmatched control in any weather. Available in attack or defense in X, R and S handle shapes and 4 colors, the STX Sc-Ti 2020 Lacrosse Shaft is sure to bring elite performance to any players game. 

- Built with industry leading Sc-Ti Material blend for best selling strength to weight ratio.

- The STX Sc-Ti X, R and S Lacrosse shafts offer 3 unique shapes and handle feel.

  • R (RIDGE) Profile offers more control and durability.
  • X (XTREME CCO) Profile offers a familiar concave geometry for comfort and all-around performance.
  • S (SHIFT) Profile offers a effortless transitions while attacking the cage.

- 2 MIL Steel Shot Grip offers increased control in any weather condition.

- Available in Attack or Defensive Lengths & 2 Colors