STX Duel II Unstrung Head

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The updated, shorter throat on the Duel II means you can get even closer to the ball and gain the upper hand at the X. 

FOGO's - be advised. The leading faceoff head in the game just got a sequel. The Duel II head features an even shorter throat, revamped flex profile and Speed Scoop so you can Dominate the X.

The Duel II is optimized for the pinch and pop, using a newly-engineered, high-flex profile to squeeze the ball securely. It's a simple equation; fast clamps and quick control moves equals more possessions, fast breaks and goals.

The unique, slimmed-down version of STX's patent pending Speed Scoop design was developed specifically for the FOGO player. The scoop allows for quick, smooth ground-balls, while the stiffer upper third portion of the head creates more strength and stability on 50/50 draws and quick rakes.

The new Duel II features an even shorter throat profile to allow for closer hand placement at the X, resulting in more power and control. Four screw ports secure the connection between the head and handle to eliminate head rattle, while the updated tapered throat plug fits a wider array of handles than ever before.