STX Crux 600 Complete Stick

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Being on the attack means every split second counts. Your cuts, your shots, your passes all require precision, speed and accuracy. We wanted to give the player the added advantage of moving the ball as high as possible within the pocket for a quicker, faster release from any angle. The results were immediately clear. By creating the lowest legal sidewall, we were able to drive the ball even higher to the sweet spot for added control.

There was an opportunity to perfect the shape of the scoop and provide better overall performance for ground balls, while protecting the top strings at the same time. To get to the Speed Scoop, we tried more flexible scoops, and scoops with more aggressive smiles. There were dozens of iterations, with hours of testing in various conditions before perfecting the right shape and angle. The Speed Scoop hides the top string to reduce drag when going for a ground ball, but also reduces drag for faster pick up.

Since its introduction in 2014, the Launch Pocket has been one of the most popular in the game for elite players. We wanted to improve upon the success of the original Launch and provide players with even better control, accuracy and durability. Our constant desire to improve every product that we produce and empower higher performance in the athlete led us to developing the next generation of the Launch Pocket. We listened to feedback from players and first wanted to improve the durability of the runners. From there, we altered the design of the iconic chevrons to provide even more ball control. Undeniable hold, speed, accuracy and durability. The Launch II Pocket features strategically targeted flex points for better ball hold and a redesigned tie-off system for easy pocket adjustability during games.