Maverik Max Speed Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

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 Maverik Max Speed Lacrosse Shoulder Pad, built for comfortable, lightweight, and protective shoulder coverage.

Designed with Maverik’s traditional fit, the Max Speed provides comfort and mobility, not restricting the upper arms in any way when moving the ball. DuraStretch panels across the torso allows the pad to move with the body, all while protecting the vital parts of the upper body with Anaform chest and spine plates that can manage high-velocity impacts.

Maverik’s 37.5™ liner keeps the player cool and comfortable, allowing for the quick evaporation of sweat, and optimal airflow through the back and chest.

The adjustable ComfortFit arch on the Max Speed allows the player to personalize the fit of the pad and can grow or change with players as their game evolves.

If you’re an advanced player looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and protective shoulder pad that doesn’t restrict range of motion, the Maverik Max Speed Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is the way to go.