Epoch Hawk 2016 Head Unstrung

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Designed from the ground up, for today’s evolving style of play, The Hawk offers a mid/high-pocket design coveted by the game’s top players. Developed in collaboration with The legendary Flip Naumburg, the Hawk ushers in an era of modern superiority on the playing field. 

  • Designed in collaboration with Flip Naumburg
  • High Pocket Design coveted by the games top players
  • Laid Back Profile keeps the ball tucked under the shooting strings when cradling and dodging for maximum hold while providing an optimal release
    Composite injected polymer provides optimal strength and durability
  • Dual Layer Architecture removes the excess material from non-essential parts and reinforced key structures keeping the Hawk light and strong
  • Certification of Authenticity included
  • Made in USA