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ECD Hero Mesh 3.0 Semi-Soft

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Hero 3.0
Innegra Core Weave
This new weave adds more Innegra fibers to the mesh's core, leading to a 10% improvement in bagging resistance.
A.K.A. your pocket is going to stay the same longer. 
Repel+ CoatingOur new Repel+ Coating sheds away 10X more water. Rainy days may mean soggy socks, but at least your pocket will stay dry. 
Lighter WeightAn increase of Innegra in Hero3.0 also leads to a 27% weight reduction, making this a seriously lightweight piece of mesh. 

Textured LTH Fibers

The LTH Fibers are now textured before the mesh is made, which adds even more feel to your pocket. 
Fos Sale 11/29/19