Burn FO Unstrung Head

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Warrior included their new Wedge with the initial launch of the Warrior Burn FO head

Warrior takes face offs to the next level with the Burn FO head.

The Warrior Burn FO was designed asymmetrically to provide balance between flex, strength and recovery. The left side is designed for flex and strength, while the right side is built to provide strength and recovery.

This Warrior face off head accommodates the most popular face off techniques, traditional and face flex.

Flexible left sidewall lets you gain position and control on 50/50 battles.

New shorter throat allows you to gain leverage faster after the whistle.

"I've never felt this way about a head, ever, in my career. If I could never try another head again, that would be fine with me." - Trevor Baptiste

When you set out to create the best performing face-off head, there is no better partner than the game's most dominant face-off middie. Designed and tested with NCAA and World Champion, Trevor Baptiste, the Burn FO is the perfect combination of durability, flexibility and strength. Its multiple pinch points are perfect for both traditional or face-flex making it truly universal for all styles. Simply put, the Burn FO is built to win face-offs.