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Meet Dave!

Every month we introduce you to a Mashpee Commons merchant via our blog series “Meet the Shop Owner”. This month, we chatted with Dave, the Manager at Legit Lacrosse. Dave is a wealth of information about all things lacrosse and offers consultation for both experienced players and newcomers alike. Read our Q&A with Dave below and learn more about this local shop…

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your shop at the Commons and why you chose Cape Cod as your location?
A: We are a new and family owned full-service Lacrosse pro-shop accommodating both male and female players, on all age and experience levels. We offer all categories of equipment and accessories in a wide variety of major performance brands; a unique variety of lacrosse and athletic lifestyle apparel (mens and womens, youth and adult); and a full range of lacrosse services, such as full service stick stringing, equipment repairs, and educational seminars.

The Cape has a rapidly growing lacrosse community, on all age levels, and was in desperate need for a local store to fulfill this demand. For the past 7 years I had worked in lacrosse retail in the South Shore and always noticed the large amount of Cape, Islands, and South Coast residents making the hour+ trip north to my shop. Fortunately my fiancé’s job has brought us down to the Cape and allowed me to put this knowledge and my experience to work.

Q: What’s the history behind lacrosse?
A: Originally a Native American ceremonial ritual centered mainly in southern Canada, Lacrosse evolved into the more modernized version of the sport in the late 19th century. By the 20th century, it was a regional sport in the US focused primarily in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. The latest decades have seen the sport grow at a tremendous rate…lacrosse is now being played in all states, from coast to coast. The growth has not just been domestic either; last summer the Lacrosse World Championships was held in Denver with 38 different nations competing! (from the Costa Rica and Turkey to Uganda and Japan).

Q: Do you have any new products/services that will be available this Spring/Summer?
A: Given that lacrosse is a Spring sport, most of the products have been released and on the shelves. Within the upcoming days/weeks, we will start receiving our early summer apparel/lifestyle merchandise…highlights include product from Krass&Co, Alo Performance wear, and Adrenaline. Stay in touch with us on social media and on our website for updates/pictures upon their arrival.

Q: Do you have any events coming up this Spring/Summer?
A: We do not have our specific event dates finalized just yet, but you can bet on us being very proactive in that regard. We have and will continue to do educational seminars in store, ranging from stick stringing lessons to equipment info sessions for parents. Once the weather finally breaks, we will be utilizing the green space available to bring Professional lacrosse players to town for free meet-and-greets and demonstrations throughout the late spring and summer. Again, stay tuned to our social media/website for date confirmations.

Q: Do you offer items/products for all levels/ages? 
A: We do accommodate all age and experience levels. Are you participating for the first time? We can suit you up head to toe in entry-level gear, with several equipment “all-in-one” package deal options. Are you an experienced High School player? We have a wide range of high performance gear, with a stress on offering product that is pushing the bounds of performance technology in a practical way.

Q: Do you offer consultation for people who are new to the sport?
A: We absolutely do and I pride myself in making that a centerpiece for my customer’s experience. Lacrosse is a sport only of recent growth and prevalence. As a result, many parents are naturally uneducated to the game because it was not an option. There is a lot of equipment necessary to play the game, and, due to the sports rapid growth, there are a lot of manufacturers trying to get their product involved. We are here to help you sift through all of the confusion and make sure you are getting exactly what your child needs based off of their experience level.

Q: Where do you like to hang out at the Commons when you are not working?
A: That’s a tough question because I am always working :) But if I do find a free minute or two, I like heading over to Bobby Byrne’s or to The Lanes (Fantastic wings… and I am originally from Buffalo, so that’s gotta mean something!) I also recently got a dog so I find myself next door in Hot Diggity quite often.

Q: Do you carry and locally sourced or handmade products?
A: We have, and will continue to have a consistent presence of town/high school branded merchandise, embroidered/screenprinted locally. The original lacrosse stick was a single piece of wood cured and molded into a question mark shape with a handmade woven pocket made out of a wide variety of natural elements/resources. Although the technology of the stick has evolved dramatically, these traditionally made sticks are still available for sale (not for regulation participation); and I personally take a lot of pride in my decade of hand stringing experience…from traditional to modern pockets, I can do them all…try me, I very much appreciate the challenge!

Q: Is there anything else about your shop that you would like to share with us?
I have a lot of knowledge to share, and love sharing it! Come by for your own education, come by to just test out some of our product in our demo area, stop by if your husband or wife, mom or dad is dragging you around shopping and you’d rather pop in and kill time watching a NCAA March Madness basketball game on our flat screen. We love the company!